Nike sociocultural

These people will undoubtedly buy plenty of sports apparel, something which would make Nike very happy. The PESTEL framework can be used to analyse how the most important forces in the international environment can affect large and global businesses.

Management of Debt - Strength Our debt-to-total-assets ratio is When you market to any specific ethnic group, make sure the benefits you emphasize have value to that group. With minimal production and delivery costs in the third world country, these products can be sold at high RRP prices to vacationers at the event.

For Nike, some of these are: The benefits would be long term relationships with Nike with a view to future customer bases, the return on the investment would be initially strong but fade In popularity after the initial release.

If you market to teens, for example, you must emphasize having friends and belonging to a group. So 9 Adidas utilizes its innovation to come up with new ideas every year or season, to keep up with the changing taste of customers. Economically, Nike must be aware of the interest rates.

Nike released in conjunction with the code, Nikes leader ship code and Management Auditing tools practices.


The brand has Nike and Converse websites in 45 countries and is working on new innovative models for getting closer to the customers. It is because the government oversight and regulation of businesses has kept rising. The new opportunity is strategic fit in line with Nikes pro community attitude.

Nike will have to work to ensure that fake Nike products are never sold widespread, and when purchased it becomes known that they aren't an authentic Nike product. Nevertheless, one great resource that has had an immense effect on their operations was their investment in SAP software that greatly clarified logistics and distribution.

The other two projects whilst having positive terms and good marketing opportunities, number 1 only offers short-term revenue with high chances of over stock, under sales and official sponsorship problems.

Many new, innovative ideas come into existence as a result of basic, unspecific research. Although farmers are not the target market for Nike, this does play a role in where and how often their product is purchased. Increasing marketing and overhead operating expenses: Brands like Nike are focusing not just on product innovation and quality to cater to the needs of the new generation better.

Be sure to leave them in a comment down below. Marketing constitutes a very large part of the entire battle and excellent marketing capability of a brand means excellent sales and revenue. One concern is the seasonality of their sales.

From a sociocultural standpoint, Nike goes hand in hand with the recent concern for fitness in not only America, but throughout the world. Changing popularity of sports among various geographic regions will result in different sales of certain product lines.

Mar 21,  · The share price of Nike was up % following the announcement of quarterly results by the U.S. sportswear and footwear retailer, Foot Locker. A strong performance by. Feb 21,  · From a sociocultural standpoint, Nike goes hand in hand with the recent concern for fitness in not only America, but throughout the world.

With this concern and people starting to workout more often, their product will be purchased more often.


Define sociocultural. sociocultural synonyms, sociocultural pronunciation, sociocultural translation, English dictionary definition of sociocultural.

adj. Of or involving both social and cultural factors. so′ci·o·cul′tur·al·ly adv. adj sociol relating to. Published: Mon, 5 Dec A large company needs to analyze the general environment when making global strategy and doing international business.

socio-cultural environment

Included by the general environment, the terms of demographic, economic, political/legal, sociocultural, technological and global have different impacts on the strategy of a company.

Jun 28,  · A major socio-cultural factor influencing businesses and business decisions is changing consumer preferences. What was popular and fashionable 20 years. Socio-Cultural Forces - All around the world people know Nike brand, the same is in Poland. There are a lot of commercials that show young, athletic people wearing Nike.

There are a lot of commercials that show young, athletic people wearing Nike.

Nike sociocultural
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