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The shoddy, plastic feel of slightly cheaper turntables from Audio Technica and others is definitely not apparent here. The Linn, with its floating suspension, doesn't measure up on these tests. As the tone arm with the cartridge moves closer to the motor when a record is being played this magnetic field can cause audible distortions, such as phase shifts and hum.

After installing it, there appears to be just a little over 1mm of space between the top of lift arm pad, and the bottom of the tonearm, when the lift arm is cocked. Depending on the thickness of your double-sided tape, you may have to remove the foam padding on the silver Q UP arm.

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However, Parsons preferred to use more technically polished and proficient singers, which Woolfson admitted he was not. The extra speed stability it provides reduces the workload on the motor, and the resulting music sounds more relaxed, pitch-stable, and extended at both ends of the spectrum.

Use of the Q-up with the Project Debut Carbon, requires some DIY modification as the base unit can not be used since clearance between the silver arm and tonearm is not sufficient. Although I thought Mingus's bass was at times just a tad woolly, overall his instrument sounded woody and natural, and locked in perfectly with the rhythm section, with no overhang.

It is a clear sounding turntable that is miles ahead of its marginally cheaper competitors, and its clarity is often surprising to new listeners expecting less considering the price range in which the Pro-ject Debut III falls.

The inverted horizontal bearings consist of two hardened stainless-steel points, but the arm's vertical tracking angle VTA is not adjustable. Green shows us why he was one of the best, most consistent singers in his era.

Sound Quality Initially, I wanted to see just how good or bad the basic turntable sound quality was, using the built-in phono amplifier. It semi reminds me of an Ambrosia groove. Note, the ratings reflect the performance of the package as a recording system, not the turntable in isolation.

Warm bass, clear mids and trebles that cut through without sounding harsh or brittle - the Debut's cartridge certainly suits my listening tastes. Its shortcomings vs more expensive gear were clearly audible, but the Debut III would be an excellent first turntable to suck an incipient if not quite budding audiophile into the hobby.

They soon pumped out an album of stellar songs, arranged in a more contemporary fashion, and somewhat set out on an Imperial brand of style. This score was partly in the Project style, recorded by most of the Project regulars, and produced and engineered by Parsons.

Pro-ject apparently know their market and have written a clear instruction manual that will make set-up easy. The new model we are looking at today, the Pro-Ject 1 Xpression features a Carbon Fiber armtube and several other significant upgrades over the Pro-Ject 1.

The blend sounded pretty tight, but it almost sounded too doctored and the music at times too distracting for me to properly analyze just how good it would have sounded live. I am not advising you to spend that much money on a cartridge for such an inexpensive turntable, but if it can handle the Koetsu this well, then I'm sure it will handle any medium mass cartridge you would care to use.

On the deluxe edition release, it is revealed that parts of this tape were used for the Griffith Park Planetarium launch of the original album, the remix, and various radio spots, all of which were included as bonus material. The Debut Carbon RecordMasterHiRes turntable as reviewed here has been positioned to address both analog and digital markets to offer all virtually things to all people.

I then checked the Wait For Needle Down option in the software. Bob I sanded the actual Q-up only not the inside of the base unit at least 1mm giving it the ability to sit in the base unit- touching the bottom there is at least an additional mm after that.

Pro-ject debut iii e, Controls, features and connections – Pro-Ject DEBUT III E User Manual

Even Michael Fremer is surprised at how hip it now is to play vinyl again, especially among the younger set. I much preferred the sound with the Speed Box in circuit, and given its modest price, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

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Isn't there a way to get some of this high-end sound without breaking the bank. But there are 2 I want to focus on.

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Also notable is the lack of strain as climaxes approach, for which we can credit the excellent low resonance tonearm, which provides a solid platform in which the cartridge can do its work. I had forgotten how pleasant of a voice McSpadden truly had and it shows out in these more slowly arranged numbers, although by this point in his career he was headed to the baritone role, which ultimately enhanced the Gaither arsenal.

Well, many things probably happened.

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After several months of listening to a broad range of recordings, I can conclude that, tonally, this record player was fairly close to dead neutral. For speed control, a useful automatic unit is present on the left corner of the plinth.

It comes with a decent quality tonearm and cartridge pre-installed. It plays at 33 and 45 RPM speeds, and can optionally also play 78s. Conclusion A fully featured and, above all, easy to use analog-based recording system.

He gave it to me. He set the tracking weight at 2g, with the anti-skate in the middle of three positions. These lyrics speak an astounding truth and McSpadden brings some enthusiasm and a solid performance. Parsons himself only sang lead on one song " The Raven " through a vocoder and backing on a few others, including "To One in Paradise".

There was a better sense of flow and ease with the more expensive Rega combination; the Pro-Ject sounded relatively more mechanical. But seriously, there are crickets.

The first Debut turntable, introduced in the late s, was a revolution for the hi-fi industry. For the first time after the arrival of Compact Disc and the assumed demise of vinyl records, an analogue product re-emerged in the “mass market” – something all music lovers could afford.

One was the Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable. Designed in Austria, but manufactured in the Czech Republic, Pro-Ject is known for producing high quality turntables at very reasonable prices, none more reasonable than the Debut Carbon.

View and Download Pro-Ject Audio Systems Debut III instructions for use manual online. Debut III Turntable pdf manual download. Related Manuals for Pro-Ject Audio Systems Debut III. (3) over the larger diameter part of the motor pulley (2). Refit the platter. To revert to 33,33 r.p.m.

repeat the proceedings using the smaller step on the. Sep 09,  · Cartridge upgrade for Pro-Ject Debut 3/SB Hi I'm new to this forum, seems really great, read through lots of threads as research into what to get, but wanted to ask because I have a few specifics.

I recently bought the Pro-Ject Debut 3/SB, model with SpeedBox and the basic Pro-Ject MM phono stage built in- still fitted with standard Ortofon.

Sep 02,  · Hello all, I live overseas and no rega dealer is available. Is a Project debut carbon with Ortfon Om10 cartridge to Rega Planar 3 with Elys a big. The Best-Sounding Under-$ Turntable Made: Plug-and-Play Pro-Ject Debut Carbon DC Includes Installed Ortofon 2M Red Cartridge, Carbon-Fiber Tonearm, DC Power Supply, and Much More Plainly speaking, no other turntable comes close for the price.

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