Trash to treasure projects

I recovered them in drop cloths and I love them. Trash to treasure and some creativity is the key. When you finish reading the bookyou will see the world differently. It looked pretty sad when he sent me a text picture inquiring if he should haul it home. I do think you could create a similar item with chunky picture frames and a 1" x 4" piece of wood I am working on one for my sons room.

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You will need to put a few coats on until you can't see through the glass anymore. Our contractor is coming next week God willing and putting a new window in where the second patio door is. The view from our deck is wonderful. After that, you can lean it against a wall, or even mount it above a sitting area.

They're supposed to be hardy to so I hope they live. Use the utility knife to score the binder flaps straight across so you can fold and tape them together for the floor. He restores my soul. Serving Dish Toadstools This is a simple and fun project for a rainy April afternoon.

While a closed gutter simply funnels water away from your roof, a rain chain creates a pathway for the water to travel to the ground, turning a necessary function into an unusual feature in your garden.

The top of the binder will be the ceiling. Like I said this project evolved. Plastic Bottle Drip Irrigation If you want to ensure your plants stay watered through the dry summer months, a DIY drip irrigation system is a great solution. Oh, I have thought about this We had to unearth it from the bottom of a pile, all while I was in an air cast after breaking my ankle the day before doing exactly the same thing — hunting for treasure.

I am so looking forward to this. If you want to exercise your green thumb without spending too much green, why not let some of your old clutter find new life in the garden.

Birds and Blooms 3. I found a pile of wood doors. Maybe you will be inspired to become modern nomad, and not be materially attached to things; to live simply only that which is essential. Tractor Tire Goldfish Pond In western Missouri, a tire that once mobilized a massive tractor is now home to a small family of Koi fish.

Then all you need are some power tools, or at least the scissors and super glue. You can walk straight through the entry hall to this level of our deck. We simply used three 2" thick boards for the new table top. Bringing awareness though playful meditation, go vegetarian, re-use your wastegive things a second life.

All you need are old mixing bowls or pie plates, non-toxic waterproof paint, and an old stump or flowerpot to add a little whimsy to your garden. Finally, fill with water and use any remaining time and budget to incorporate plants, fish and even underwater lights.

Plus, it will be great to have a big working sink in my laundry room. They have awesome, awesome, awesome items that are a great price. I learned of another NEW product, which is always exciting and it was one of those pieces you just have a lot of fun with. No need to go out and buy new wire. I cant wait to share these projects with my handyman husband.

25 Ah-MAZE-ing Trash to Treasure Projects

Join us on our various projects as we argue, travel, laugh, and design - maybe you will be inspired to do the same. Once it was cleaned of all the dust and cobwebs, I painted it in Annie Sloan Old Ochre to match the quaint Laura Ashley type wallpaper in the guest bedroom.

Treasure from trash

I will keep you updated as things keep happening!!. I finally gave up and found this bookshelf at World Market for a great price. Table Leg Bird Bath Before taking that old table to the curb, ask yourself if you could use a creative yard ornament that attracts, and serves, winged wildlife.

For this room makeover, I had to buy some things that I couldn't make myself. I thought they were a total loss but when I priced patio cushions I decided they could be saved.

Bric-a-Brac Windchimes Reuse vintage wares taking up space in your kitchen or garage by turning them into charming and whimsical wind chimes.

Great for pool parties!. Aug 19,  · At the thrift store I found an old wicker flower basket, some wooden shapes (a house & tree), a broken bench with ornate iron arms, two rusty 's chairs, and a half moon shapedAuthor: The Porcelain Rose.

ity are making amazing creations from all sorts of everyday things —juice boxes, gum wrappers, plastic bags, old CDs, yarn, jar lids, bottle caps—and keeping. Feb 17,  · When others see trash, I see treasure.

I have a new list of projects and I cant wait to get started. With the Winter weather breaking and the warm weather starting to settle in, I pulled out my saw horses and my sander and I am ready to get started.

Trash To Treasure

We hope you enjoy following our first year of marriage on this blog as we complete projects in our new home. I find scraps (old furniture or materials) and make them into something new. Materials used in blog posts may be given to the owner of this blog by various companies.

All opinions and projects are that of The Country Chic Cottage. Trash to treasure: A perfect spot for solar farms PSE&G program finds way for landfills, brownfields to be repurposed for energy By Brett Johnson, May 18, at AM The Parklands Solar Farm.

Trash to treasure projects
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